CustomPlus Pharmacy

What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"I'm a customer advocate"

"They have pharmacists who can actually talk with you about your medication and dosage and who will communicate with your doctors. They take their time with customers. This is not a "McPharmacy"!"

"Local, friendly, helpful."

"The price and nice people."

"Location and staff know me."

"Knowledgeable and friendly staff."

"The reliability"

"Great service, wonderful people working there, friendly and FAST!"

"Delivery to home bound people & very kind staff!"

"Trustworthy, friendly, good value, and a quick turnaround on prescriptions"

"Customer service"

"The personnel and their efficiency and friendliness."

"Great service"

"Ability to compound specialty medications"

"Easy refill"

"Local/close, great customer service!, friendly! You're a face and a person, not just a number like the big chains"

"Love it"

"No long lines, great service, friendly, and helpful"

"Very user friendly to refill prescriptions!!"

"Quick, friendly, and affordable"

"Everyone at CustomPlus is knowledgable, friendly, and caring."

"The staff"

"You know me"

"It is independently owned and not part of the franchise chains. I feel that the staff is genuinely interested in me, whereas with the chains I have used (I have used several), I feel like the staff is bothered to have to answer any questions."

"Customer service"

"Short lines and personal service. Excellent!"

"David and Ben are very willing to find a cheaper alternative."

"Knowledgeable and helpful. Great service"

"Great value and very friendly service!"

"Staff knows you and accommodates your needs whenever you call or come into the store."

"Best folks I have ever worked with!"

"The staff know me by name and say hello when I arrive."

"Great service and prices!"


"Service, service, service"

"Caring and very personable!"

"Affordable and friendly"

"They're fast; I'm in and out!"

You can help CustomPlus Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!