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We Offer

Pain Management Prescriptions
Vitamins and Custom Medications for you

CustomPlus Pharmacy in West Lafayette, Indiana

CustomPlus Pharmacy is a professional, full-service pharmacy offering fast, friendly, and personalized service with competitive pricing located on West Navajo Street in West Lafayette, Indiana. We accept most major prescription plans and provide delivery for our local customers.

We offer:

Compounding Medications

Our Compounding Lab allows us to compound specifically required medications to our customers. Examples of our compounds include hormone supplementation, pain relief, and veterinary meds - including specialty capsules, tablets, suspensions, suppositories, and topical preparations.

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Unique Solutions: Saliva Hormone Testing, Glucose Testing, INR Testing & More

We also offer unique problem solving consultations with physicians to obtain desired therapeutic endpoints to provide maximum benefit to our patients. Ask us about our saliva hormone testing, cholesterol, glucose, and INR testing.

Experience the PLUS at CustomPlus Pharmacy and see how it improves your pharmacy experience!

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West Lafayette Pharmacy Services

Prescription Delivery and Home Care Equipment

Health Services

Whatever you need , we can provide home care equipment, medisets, home delivery for prescriptions, health consultations, and immunizations.
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Custom Medications and Compounded Drugs


Latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology allows our professionals to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs.

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Custom Prescriptions for Pain Management

Pain Management

As pain management pharmacists, our goal is to make pain therapy easier by providing specialized dosage forms depending on a patient’s needs.
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Custom Sports Medicine Drugs and Assistance

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re a workout enthusiast or a weekend warrior trying to ease pain during the work week, compounding can provide serious benefits for every kind of athlete.
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Women's Health Custom PrescriptionsWomen’s Health

We work closely with your health care provider to start and maintain a hormone replacement treatment that brings your hormones back into balance.
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Men's Health Prescriptions for TestosteroneMen’s Health

Different men need different amounts of testosterone to help address “male menopause". Your balance may be restored though supplementation.

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Baby Vaccinations and Immunizations for ChildrenPediatrics

Children can be some of the most difficult patients to deal with. We can help them take their medications more easily, which reduces stress on both parents and children.
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Shots and Immunizations for your PetsPet Health

For many of us, our pets are our family. When our dogs or cats become ill, getting them to take their medication is vital to their recovery. We can work with your veterinarian to make sure Frisky or Fido is getting the dosage they need, when they need it.

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