CustomPlus Pharmacy realizes the growing interest in CBD recently, so our goal is to educate our patients so they can make a well-informed decision about the best CBD products.

At CustomPlus, we carry the natural hemp extracts, which means you get what the hemp plant gives you. You get the variety of cannabidiols and also the whole variety of terpenes (fragrant oils that give cannibis and other herbs, fruits, and plants, it's aromatic diversity).

We also carry CBD-infused products, where the raw CBD is pushed back in to either an oil or a capsule. This method controls the strength better. What we've seen as the biggest failure in CBD products is underdosing. Putting the pure CBD extract in to a product allows manufacturers to up the dosage.

We recommend starting with the CBD oil as it is the most absorbable with the most consistent dosing.

The raw hemp extract products with no flavorings do taste a bit “earthy” so prepare your taste buds for that. Although many people prefer the whole plant extract, it is limited in that you can't get a lot of CBD per volume, so that ends up costing more, especially if you require a higher dosage.

We have found that most people get along fine with the 10 or 20 milligram dose once or twice a day. CBD can also build up in the body over time making your entire endocannabinoid system more effective.

A note to patients who have a drug-testing policy related to their job: there are THC-free versions of CBD products. All the CBD-infused products are THC-free. The whole plant extract has up to 0.3% THC, and that is what we have seen being detected in drug tests.

For years, there has not been a non-prescription solution to debilitating and difficult ailments related to pain, insomnia, or anxiety. Now CBD is helping with these ailments while not being addictive like a narcotic. All with virtually zero drug interactions! CBD is really safe and really effective.

CustomPlus Pharmacy is here to consult with you and help you make the best CBD choice to fit your needs.

We have quality, contaminant-free, strength-as-advertised CBD products. Know your products and know your source!

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