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Let us tell you a personal story…

It was a morning like most; the kids were playing while mom and dad were finishing getting ready for work. Mom walked into the closet and curious 1-year-old Harrison wondered into the bathroom. Mom heard a scream and ran to Harrison’s side. He had pulled the cord of the hair straightener off the bathroom counter and onto his face. Mom immediately ran him to the emergency room. After a couple of hours with the doctors there and consulting with the Riley Burn unit in Indianapolis, they concluded Harrison had three 2nd degree burns on his face. He was released with Antibiotic ointment, Aquaphor, and instructions to keep it moist during the healing process. They scheduled a follow up visit a week later at the Riley Burn unit.

It was healing nicely, but the concern about scarring was still an issue after the visit to Riley. Because of the location of the burn, mom wanted to do more than just get the wound to heal. She wanted to minimize scarring. Mom heard and read about a scar and wound formula that worked wonders for many people. She dove in to case study after case study and with the knowledge she recently learned from PCCA, the pharmaceutical compounding supplier for CustomPlus Pharmacy, she decided to give it a try. The studies and photos for the progress of these patients were remarkable and with the guilt settling in, she knew she had to do more than just let the scar heal. She started applying the PracaSil-Plus scar gel three times a day for three months. Then applied once or twice a day after that for a couple more months.

After five months the two burns were completely gone, and now over a year and a half later, the large scar is barely visible.

The instructions and medications from the physician allowed for optimal healing, but it was the PracaSil-Plus that aided in scar reduction. Wounds take eight or more months to fully heal inside and outside. There is a lot of reconstruction taking place even after the wound closes, and continuing the maintenance of care is extremely important to help reduce scarring.

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From Ben Rachwal, Owner and Pharmacist of CustomPlus:

“The boy in this story is Harrison, my grandson. I couldn’t be prouder to help my grandchild heal from this horrible accident. Accidents happen all the time and I am so happy we could provide a solution to help reduce his scarring, especially with a product from my pharmacy. I have to be honest, I was skeptical, but after seeing the results first hand, it’s great to see the true impact our compounding can make. It’s not just a case study we have read, it’s a little boy running around me, giving me hugs and kisses with hardly any visible scarring. This formula we dispensed is an over-the- counter item, but active ingredients can be added for a more aggressive approach. In this case, we just didn’t have to add anything extra. We have seen scratches, oozing wounds, and burns in our pharmacy that have healed and faded from use of the scar gel. We know there is a lot of opportunity to positively impact patients’ lives with the scar gel alone, and even more with a combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients prescribed by a physician."


The magic is in the gel.

Made with Pracaxi oil derived from the seed of the Pracaxi tree found in the Amazon rainforest. Pracaxi oil naturally contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be used in combination with pain relievers, steroids, debriding ointments and more. It’s ideal for all kinds of scars including:

  • new scars

  • old scars

  • surgical scars

  • keloids

  • acne scars

  • stretch marks

Now for the technical jargon.

PracaSil-Plus is sold as an over-the-counter item at CustomPlus Pharmacy under the name CustomPlus Advanced Scar Gel. Our Advanced Scar Gel only contains PCCA dispensed Praca-Sil Plus. CustomPlus Advanced Scar Gel contains PracaSil-Plus, a unique topical silicone base (designed by PCCA our compounding supplier) to help smooth, soothe, and soften scarred skin. It’s the only compounding base created specifically for this purpose, and can be used alone or in combination with various active ingredients. PracaSil-Plus is the only compounding base created for scar therapy. Due to the base’s proprietary blend of ingredients, including silicones (in a semipermeable polymer network that’s ideal for healing) and Pracaxi oil (which is rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids), it’s been helping make a huge difference for patients with scars, including keloid and acne scars.


  • Appropriate for new or old scars

  • Provides long-lasting moisturization, protecting the skin’s barrier and reduces water loss

  • Promotes a healing, soothing and nurturing environment

  • Rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids

  • Can be used with or without active ingredients

  • Formulated without gluten, casein, dye and parabens, among other allergens

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1. Case Study: Facial Burn & Diaper Rash

A five-month-old baby girl was burned by scalding hot water. PracaSil- Plus sped her recovery significantly, and helped minimize visible scarring.

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2. Basal Cell Carcinoma Post-Surgical Scar

A basal cell carcinoma patient, Matthew, used PracaSil-Plus for post-surgical scar prevention – and reported a 75% overall improvement.


Is this base hypoallergenic?

Pracasil-Plus and PracaMac Oil are non-irritating; however, they are not labeled as hypoallergenic.

Can it be used as a protectant from bodily fluids such as diarrhea (at an ostomy site, for example)?

Yes, since it is silicone based.

Can Pracasil-Plus be used intra-vaginally?

Yes. But sparingly due to the silicones.

Can it be used orally?

No. PracaSil-Plus should not be used in the mouth but can be used on the lips.

Can this base be used with animals?

Yes. So far there have been beneficial reports with use in dogs, snakes and horses.

Is it safe for patients that are pregnant or breastfeeding?

There shouldn’t be any problems using Pracasil-Plus during pregnancy. However, we cannot claim “pregnancy safe” since no testing has been done to prove the safety during pregnancy. A concern would be any added active ingredients to the base.

Can it be used in wounds?


How soon after surgery can someone use PracaSil-Plus?

The base itself can be used immediately or as soon as the patient is instructed it is ok to remove bandages or when sutures have been removed. (Formulas containing collagenase should not be used until scar tissue is forming.)

Can PracaSil-Plus be used by itself?

Yes, as a cosmetic. The unique combination of ingredients and innovative polymer network of PracaSil-Plus have been shown to improve the appearance of skin even when used without active ingredients.

Can PracaSil-Plus be sold without a prescription?

Yes, as a cosmetic. PracaSil-Plus cannot be sold as an over-the-counter drug.

What percentage of silicone makes up PracaSil-Plus?

PracaSil-Plus contains over 50% silicone in a low viscosity elastomer dispersion network that offers an exceptional feel during application. This copolymer network uses a polymerization chemistry that differs from traditional silicone structurants.


1. “Case Series: The Effectiveness of Fatty Acids from Pracaxi Oil in a Topical Silicone Base for Scar and Wound Therapy,” Dermatology and Therapy December 2014, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 259-269.


The formulas and/or statements listed are provided for educational purposes only. They are compounding ideas that have commonly been requested by physicians, and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Formulas and/or material listed are not to be interpreted as a promise, guarantee or claim of therapeutic efficacy or safety. The information contained herein is not intended to replace or substitute for conventional medical care, or encourage its abandonment. Every patient is unique, and formulas should be adjusted to meet their individual needs.

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